Rehiring of Student Affairs

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Recently, members of the Xavier University of Louisiana community were notified of the termination of key staff members of the Student Affairs division. Students were not given an opportunity to give input on this decision before it was made. Since the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year, various decisions have been made that have not been in the best interest of the students of Xavier University of Louisiana. The following staff persons were removed from their positions: Mrs. Amber Davis-Prince, Mrs. Tyhpanie Jasper-Butler, Ms. Kimberly Hutchings, Mrs. Nedra J. Alcorn, Mr. Deion Ridgell, and Ms. Shirley Labbe. These people have dedicated their time, tears, energy, and life to make sure that the students of Xavier University of Louisiana were well equipped with the skills to fulfill our mission of "promoting a more just and humane society".  We are seeking for these people to be reinstated to their positions immediately! Students and alumni please sign this petition as a means of showing Mr. Curtis Wright, Vice President of Student Affairs, and the administration of the University that we are truly disturbed by this.