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Clarify or Reject Anthony Muñoz

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On May 11, Anthony Muñoz will receive an honorary degree from Xavier University for his philanthropic work around the Cincinnati community. Along with his philanthropic work around Cincinnati, Mr. Muñoz has closely associated himself with a radical group called Citizens for Community Values (CCV).

Mr. Muñoz has been actively involved with and supportive of CCV since at least 1992. Specifically, he was the master of ceremonies at CCV's 2007 Spring Banquet, co-sponsored their 2011 and 2012 golf tournaments, and served as a member of CCV's advisory board.

The views of CCV are drastically out of line with the views of the teachings of the Catholic Church, Xavier University, and our President, Father Michael Graham, S.J. Recently, CCV has actively supported Article XII, an anti-gay charter amendment in Cincinnati, which forbade sexual orientation from being granted protected status. Contrary to CCV’s views, both Father Graham and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati actively opposed Article XII.

Their work does not end with fighting against equal rights in Ohio. Their position on homosexuals relates homosexual behavior with "destructive outcomes" that include AIDS, STDs, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence, promiscuity, and a shortened life span. The "threats" of homosexuality do not stop at "destructive outcomes" for individuals, however. CCV argues that societal deterioration will result due to "[homosexual] activists chip[ping] away at the very foundation of our cultural heritage and our Judeo-Christian belief system."*

As students of a Jesuit institution, we have been taught to live in solidarity for and with others, leading lives of compassion. The University “Statement on Sexual Orientation,” moreover, states that discrimination against LGBTQ people “strikes at the very heart of the institution.” The values reflected by Mr. Muñoz’s involvement with CCV do not line up with the values of Xavier University and as such he should not receive an honorary degree on May 11.

We are requesting that Mr. Muñoz clarify his personal position on LGBTQ rights. If he fails to do so, or does so in a way that is contrary to the ideals of Xavier University, Mr. Muñoz should be uninvited from speaking at the commencement ceremony and he should not be honored with a degree.

Xavier University deserves a commencement speaker that all around reflects our University’s values. At this time,Mr. Muñoz does not reflect those values.

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