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PayMaya or PainMaya? : Abolish the Cashless System in Xavier School

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PayMaya is a debit card that the students and faculty members of Xavier School are FORCED to use in order to purchase goods at the canteen. Although initially tested on the teachers, this method of payment has been inefficient so far. In its first day of implementation, the machines were down, and the students were not allowed to purchase any goods from the canteen. As a result of the inefficient system created by the implementation of PayMaya in the school, sales and revenue for kiosks have dipped, prices have risen to a completely unreasonable level (20 pesos for a bottle of water??!?!), transactions move slower than positive change in the Philippines, and overall, students just aren't able to get the food they want and need during their breaks because of either of the problems created by the "cashless system"... kinda defeats the purpose of break time and a canteen in general. Listed below are other reasons as to why PayMaya should be removed from Xavier School:

1. The line for the kiosk is way too long to get anything done during break times, and it experiences downtime. (No alternatives are offered to solve this. Cash is still not accepted.)

2. The machines don’t work as well as promised. (It glitches, the cards have to be tapped multiple times for them to work, and there are times when the machines just don't work.)

3. The wifi in school has been horrible lately, and it is highly unreliable. This is an issue as the cashless system of PayMaya relies on wifi to work.

4. The concessionaires are losing customers and sales. Think about all of the unmet quotas and the food wasted.

5. What morals are you trying to instill on the students by encouraging the owing of money instead of allowing them to pay with the cash they readily have?

PayMaya: Making our canteen cashless or useless?


DISCLAIMER: This isn't an attack on PayMaya, but the implementation of PayMaya as the ONLY means for transactions in the canteen.

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