Fighting for Justice for ACE....

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I trust strongly in my fellow animal activists, and just know they will sign this petition against IMO the most ruthless dog breeder there is!

.  Not testing these animals for deadly diseases  before they are sold is unjust,.

I hope the outcome would that all breeders are testing their parents they I tend to breed for this fatal disease.

I know all this personally because my 4 legged best friend died a horrid painful death, as cardiologists stood by and gave medication after medication till he was taking 6 pills 3 times a day.


He had no choice, my ACE, as he loved and trusted me, so he took all those pills I had gave him,  One must understand, it s not a defense, but I loved him so much I believed I was saving him not just keeping him a alive just a few more weeks.

He was my best friend, so who was always there in my corner.  So, I would of knocked down walls, traveled thousands of miles to and across the world  to find a cure, but what there was, was nothing, not a thing except medications that all had their rotten side affects..

Weeks past as I watched my gorgeous magnificent, courageous creature deteriorate, into a severely underweight, my very weak, depressed baby boy who began so dependent on me, I could hardly leave him alone.  Then he continued to go farther down hill, by gasping for air, fighting to breath, he could not sleep or eat..  All this happened right before my eyes within just weeks…

I would do anything to wipe such a devastating event from my life, for it was a just a nightmare and I just needed to wake up from it

ACE suffered so much that I got to a point I could not even breath…

I too suffered awful panic attacks, but my suffering was to be expected, how can anyone watch such bad things happen to a loved one.  There must be repercussion to ones own health, but in no way shape or form can it compare to the horrible pain my ACE suffered caused by this genetic disease called DCM he had gotten from his parents. .

My ACE, was such a loyal, great, outstanding, and obedient soul, just so young, he had so much life left in him to give.  He loved life more than life with such an aspiring passion..  He by far did not deserve this unjust death sentence, and certainly did not deserve one ounce of the pain or what I would suffer from losing the one thing who truly loved me and I him!

It was only the breeder to blame, he was accountable, but yet he refused any responsibility. 

ACE just had turned 6, he was just a baby..

He looked in my eyes hoping I could save him from his suffering.  He was in so much pain from the blood unable to pump to and from his heart, Tears filled his eyes when he would collapse because he was so weak, he could not move for hours..  He will always be to me the most truest warrior, with so much courage.  My ACE was the world to me, now living without my world is heartbreaking. 

Please help sign the petition it costs nothing, It does ask, but it also ask to share.  It gives one a choice, but at the bottom in smaller print it just says “no thanks” to either one.

Please if you have not signed pleased do.  I lost my ACE , but the next buyer does not have to lose their beloved pet.

My Ace was even a service pet to a disabled veteran.

My Ace deserved so much better, so does every puppy born to come…  Please sign



Our beloved Ace, a service pet for a disabled veteran, a Doberman who recently just turned 6, was diagnosed with a genetic disease called dilated-cardiomyopathy which he inherited from a puppies parent.


If we can enforce ACE'S breeder to genetically test his dogs what happen to ACE won't happen ever again..