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Change Corrupt Legal System to prevent False Arrest, Imprisonment,Malicious Prosecution

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I had suffered the rupture of giant aneurysm. Even though I am very lucky to survive as a miracle but I have been abused by Kaiser and its doctors and followed by DA try to cover up for Kaiser as shown below. It is time to reveal the TRUTH and JUSTICE. Please help to share my story and sign my petition such that no more lies and abuses.

I have lost money on starting up my modular cloud computing solution. I have to give up my dream when my aneurysm ruptured on Jan 5 2015. I have talked to Cisco director on my solution and Cisco implement a miniature of my solution on Dec 2015 with it UCS M4 series. Then Intel announced RSD design in IDF 2016 which is based on my technical partner’s chip which designed under my request. The whole world has gained benefit from my contribution to cut down more than 50% power consumption. I have big contribution to the community. Even though I did not gain anything. But look what this society does to me.  Kaiser messed up my treatment opportunity after it ruptured on Jan 5 2015. Kaiser and its doctors try to cover up by intentionally forgery my medical report and hide from me. Then when I submit evidence to DA, DA not only cover up for Kaiser, they even false arrest first, and eventually false imprison me 7 days without bail on Apr 27 2017 even they already announce dismiss on Mar 23 2017.  Please take a deep look and reveal the truth and justice. Please consider what I contribute and what I have suffered. It is time for the society to give back to me now. Below are my miracle and disaster story:


1.      Dec 16 2014, found out Giant Aneurysm (2.5 cm) from CT

2.      Dec 24 2014 CTA shows blood flow path Aneurysm smoothly

3.      Jan 5 2015 Giant Aneurysm ruptured

4.      Kaiser insurance still not kick in until Jan 13 2015

5.      Jan 9 2015, 7 PM clinic in Santa Clara Kaiser, CT at 9 PM in ER, Dr. Anita told me everything is fine. I told her “no way” It ruptured on Jan 5. So CTA at 11:30PM, then Dr. Anita refused to discuss the CTA, just told me that I need surgery immediately and rushed me to ICU of Redwood city Kaiser Center.

6.      Jan 10 2015, I arrived at 1:30AM, Nurse Jessica can not open CTA images, even after check with Santa Clara for password still can not open. Dr. Patrick came to see me at 9 AM. He told me that I am very lucky to survive since bleeding has stopped. The blood flow has changed its path to alternative path. The original path has been blocked after the rupture and clotted. But unfortunately I lost treatment opportunity. No more treatment after rupture. Then I complain that Kaiser mess up my treatment at once. Then he disappear. I need to sign AMA to leave ICU. In fact he is writing false report and my aneurysm become non-rupture to cover up for Kaiser.

7.      There are many phones called among doctors and nurses after I left ICU. I have all recording.

8.      Jan 12 2015, we request all medical report send to us. But only Jan 9 medical report was sent. Kaiser hide Jan 10 medical report intentionally since it forgery “non rupture and also put the other ICU patient record to my record and no record of Dr. Patrick Pezeshkian visit and talk to me.

9.      Feb 2015, I follow my wife’s suggestion and forgive Kaiser.

10.   May 2015, Social security office show me the false medical report which states “non-rupture” 11 times.

11.   June 2015 , complain to Kaiser, but Kaiser still lie.

12.   Nov 2015 , complain to Kaiser CEO Mr. Tyson, Kaiser still lie.

13.   Dec 2015, D.A. officer told me to file fraud report in police station. I follow and not only being rejected, but also get a citation of misdemeanor, (In less than 3 minutes, I was surrounded by 5 big policemen in front of Santa Clara police station), even after one week, they send a letter to dismiss the citation and saying” in the interest of justice”, I was totally terrified.

14.   Feb 19 2016, I gave D.A. officer Terrence Simpsons all evidence. He gave me a case number. I double confirm with him it is a real case.

15.   Mar 3 2016, when I try to get update in D.A. lobby, I was falsely arrested, and put in jail for 5 hours. I left at 4:45 PM. Kaiser call me at 5:45PM. Carol Hinds told me that they apologize to me. She told me to file compensation to Kaiser’s Legal department. But after 45 days, I still need to go through binding arbitration. DAO committed misfeasance and give me fake case number causing false arrest and endanger my life.

16.   May 2, 2016 there is no charge against me. So I go to D.A. office and found that Terrence Simpsons gave me “Fake” case number. I complain. The D.A. gave me “state general attorney” office phone and address. In fact what I get is federal general attorney office. They lie again.

17.   May 5 ,  2016, instead of apologizing to me for giving me fake case number on Feb 19 2016 and wrong state  attorney general  info on May 2 , 2017, D.A. charge me with “tress-pass” and resist arrest  on May 5, 2016 (there are invalid charge)

18.   From June to Sept 2016, every time PD Stewart told me it is “slam dunk case. D.A. will dismiss. I also gave PD my record of Mar 3 2016. It shows clearly I did not do anything wrong. “not tress pass nor resist arrest”. But after 6 months expired (I could not sue DA anymore.) on Sept 1 2016, PD Stewart told me he will move to juvenile department  and assign another PD and also D.A. change the charge to “interfere business” and “intimidate staff”. Also I need to go through trial. I say ok to go for trial but I need to call key witness Terrence Simpsons. PD rejected. PD Stewart has committed misfeasance and conspiracy with DA.

19.   On Oct 20, 2016, I was ordered to see psychiatry Dr. Terrance Riley. I told him that I need key witness Terrence Simpsons to go for trial. Instead he said I am not competent and send me to mental doctor on Oct 2016.

20.   After many more court days and meeting Dr. Fu and give him all evidence.

21.   On Mar 23, 2017, Judge Hon. Javier Alcala and DA and PD stated in the court that  all cases against me being dismissed. I only need to see Dr. Fu on Apr 17 last time.

22.   On Apr 17, I did see Dr. Fu. Dr. Fu said since I did not lose anything during these two years, just forget about Kaiser. How can he make such wrong statement after I gave him all evidences last time. I have lost treatment opportunity. And my life has been compromised after rupture. Then he asked me what kind of compensation I am seeking for. I told him that the key point is Doctors and Kaiser should tell the truth. They should not lie and forgery my medical report.

23.   On Apr 27,  2017, I am very surprised when Your Honor said that my case did not dismiss. When I try to tell Your Honor what Dr. Hu told me on Apr 17,  I was stopped and found a police is behind my back with cuff. I was so terrified that I can not even say a word for a long time. It is so terrible. I was put in Jail for 7 days. I really do not know what happen. I just know I was totally terrified such that my mind black out. When they booked me, I showed them my heart medicine. They say they will handle. But in first 5 days I don’t have my heart medicine and my blood pressure go to 165. They endanger my life again. I am a victim suffered ruptured giant aneurysm and been put in jail and no heart medicine.

24.   On May 26, 2017, I see Dr. Fu again. I complain about his wrong comment on Apr 17 and also cause me being put in jail on Apr 27 for seven days. He denied he had said that. But when I said he even asked me what compensation I want from Kaiser, then he said I misunderstand his meaning. Then he even think my aneurysm could have cured by itself  NOW even I told him Dr. Malek ( a neurologist) just told me on Apr 5 2017 that I carry a bomb in my head all the time since it rupture on Jan 5 2015. He even insisted me to do the treatment after I told him Kaiser doctor Patrick Pezeshkian and other doctors had stated that no more treatment after rupture. Finally he said I don’t need to see him again. I am totally fine. I am not insane. And he told me I will go back to D48. So I told him to make another appointment with him.  Then he schedule an appointment on July 21.


25.   On June 7, 2017 DA G. Chadwick told Your Honor all case against me are dismissed. Your Honor had agreed and announced in the court. Suppose all settled. But staff check I had another appointment with Dr. Fu on July 21. Even I try to explain to Your Honor that is under my request , it is a mistake. But failed.

26.   On July 14 2017, I was called that Dr.  Fu is on vacation on July 21.

27.   On Aug 2, 2017,  Your Honor told me to see Dr. Fu again on Aug 3.

28.   On Aug 3 2017, I see Dr. Fu. Dr. Fu totally misunderstood my case from beginning. I always say that my giant aneurysm ruptured on Jan 5 2015. But Kaiser try to cover up messing up my treatment opportunity such that forgery my medical report on Jan 10 2015 and hide from me intentionally.  I gave DA all the evidence and if Kaiser still insist my aneurysm is a non-rupture, then when they hide this “non-rupture” medical report from me on Jan 12 2015, they committed an attempted murder. But Dr. Fu make misunderstanding and keep on saying I need to take psychiatric medicine because I image Kaiser try to kill me.  So it should be very clear that I did not think Kaiser really want to kill me. It is only because Kaiser keep on lying that my aneurysm is non-rupture. So there is no need at all to take psychiatric medicine .I am sound and fine. I told him now my heart medicine and my aneurysm is in a tight balance , “terror of balance” since I did not take any anti-clogged medicine when I take my heart medicine due to my giant aneurysm. I could not take the risk to destroy the current balance.

29.   All of my statements are truth. My giant aneurysm ruptured on Jan 5 2015. On Jan 10 2015, Dr, Patrick told me in ICU my bleeding has stopped and go alternative path.  My aneurysm did not condense within two months, instead It start to leak from March 2015 till now. Like Dr. Malek say that I carry a bomb in my head all the time. Also my survive is still under risk of second rupture and also at the expense of risk of clogging my heart since I did not take anti-clog medicine while taking my heart medicine due to the Giant aneurysm. Any day could be my last day. So what Dr. Fu made bad and negative comments and imagination on my aneurysm are second torture and damage for me. He strongly hints I am lying and do not want to seek treatment. It is another torture on me.

30.   Finally I was dismissed on Aug 30, 2017.


Looking back for what I have suffered so far, the root cause is one lie after another by Kaiser.  It is due time for Kaiser to tell the truth and justice. As doctor Malek said on Apr 5 2017, I have been carrying a bomb in my head from the past two years. Now it is still leaking all the time and I could just die any date. I have tried to calm myself as much as possible to survive after all of these abuses and tortures. Please kindly consider all of these and reveal the truth and justice. We need the TRUTH and JUSTICE. Without public awareness, there is no way to achieve this goal. Please help us and help future generation by signing my petition to request to correct the corrupt legal system to protect innocent victims.

Thanks so much,

Mark Lin



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