Change the WFDC PSPO to stop owners walking 3+ dogs

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Wyre Forest District Council (WFDC)  are implementing a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in October limiting the number of dogs that one person can walk on or off lead to 3 dogs only.  This is across the whole geographical area of the Wyre Forest District Council and affects pavements, highways, parks, nature reserves and any land managed by WFDC.  This severely restricts owners of 3+ dogs and compromises their rights under the Animal Welfare Act to provide adequate and proper exercise for their dogs. The Dogs Trust offered the opinion in writing to WFDC that the limit should not be set at below 4 dogs per person. The PSPO is being implemented despite no evidence ever having been Minuted to say that multiple dogs have caused any anti social behaviour and West Mercia Police can not reference any reports of multiple dog incidents that have resulted in anti social behaviour.  Under the Local Authority Association and The Home Office Guidelines for PSPO's, it states that PSPO's should only be implemented where anti social behaviour can be evidenced and further, a PSPO should be proportionate and appropriate.  Limiting the number of dogs that can be walked by any one person is neither evidenced, proportionate nor appropriate and no such anti social behaviour has been proven.  Under the Local Authority Association and The Home Office Guidelines, PSPO's can be introduced in a specific public area where the Local Authority is satisfied that the activities have had a detrimental effect on the quality of life in those localities.  No such detrimental effect has been reported or evidenced and the area covered by the PSPO is not a specific area as it covers an area of some 75.4 sq miles (195.4 km2).  On the above grounds we feel WFDC has breached the terms and conditions required by the Local Authority Association and The Home Office for implementing this PSPO and require it to be rescinded before the October implementation date.