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Wyoming needs the Endangered Species Act

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Ask any Wyomingite, they’ll proudly tell you something about why they love Wyoming. We all have our various reasons; the beautiful views, the lack of people, the hunting/fishing, etc.

The most commonality amongst those inevitably seems to me to involve something outdoors. We all are enthusiastic about getting outside, in a variety of seasons and settings, to do experience what our state has to offer.

We have a fantastic opportunity to do so, because our state has such a solid diversity of environment at the foundation. Want to go out to the desert? Easily done. Want to snowboard in some of the best mountains in the country? Hop to it. Want to mountain climb, hunt elk, fish trout, heck, try and surf a white rapid? This state has you covered.

There’s also a running joke about the best thing about Wyoming.


Seriously, if you want to escape out in the wilderness and enjoy yourself, it’s very easy to accomplish.

But with the looming horizon of some particular ideologies, that could change the joke about nothing to literally nothing.

There’s been a charge being led against the Endangered Species Act, and quite frankly, this is just a terrible plan cooked up by certain groups. It goes hand in hand with wanting to chop up public lands and ‘put them in the hands of the state’ so that we can handle things our way.

Except that that means a lot of the things we hold dear to Wyoming will be forever changed.

If we attack our foundation of public land, of helping keep species alive and functioning, we cease to have that foundation of what makes Wyoming so wonderful. We will have dwindling animal populations, we will have habitat loss, we will lose the tourism industry that helps defray our taxes in this state (each household would pay $730 more in taxes, that comes from, we will have less hunting and fishing… I could go on but I think I make my point.

Our own Senator Barasso is on board with this charge against the takedown and “modernizing” of the Endangered Species Act, as it impinges upon the ideologies of a certain vision of progress. This vision sees a closed up Wyoming, made accessible to only certain industries and peoples, and leaving the common Wyomingite unable to enjoy their own state, and making smaller the intrinsic variety and extensive wonders that make up Wyoming.

Wyoming needs to stay wild.

Please, sign and share this petition. Contact your local representatives. It is important and vital that we let our representatives know what we think and that they act accordingly.

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