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Vote No To House Bill 0126

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House bill 126 would criminalize a person going undercover and video/audio taping cruelty to animals in a livestock operation. Last year an operation in Wheatland, WY was infiltrated and video and audiotape was taken showing cruelty to pigs including live piglets being punted like footballs, a very obese employee bouncing on a sow with a broken leg, and other cruelties. House bill 126 was passed by the Wyoming representatives today. A person getting hired in a facility and then taping cruelty would be a criminal act. Why not outlaw neighbors reporting child abuse or the use of a nanny cam to protect one's children? If there is not a problem with cruelty to animals in a facility then this law is not needed. Who are they trying to protect? Certainly not the helpless animals! Write the Wyoming State Senators and Wyoming Governor Matt Mead. Senators contact information:
Governor Matt Mead contact information:

Sample Letter:
I am writing concerning the HBO126. I am appalled that this bill was written by people voted in to represent Wyoming residents. I firmly believe that cruelty to animals should be reported. If inspectors are known to be on the premises it is obvious that abuse is not going to take place. If a representative from the Department of Family Services is in a home a child is not going to be sexually or physically abused in their presence.

I feel like passing this into law should be criminal. How is the rest of the world going to look at a state that punishes one who would be brave enough to risk their live to report abuse?

Should we next forbid neighbors and/or bystanders to report child abuse? Should we make it a crime to install a nanny cam in our home to protect our infants? Should we make it illegal for anyone except an officer of the law to report a crime?

I am disheartened at the thought that it would be illegal to report activity that is grossly immoral and unethical.

I believe that each company has a culture that comes from the top down. It is the owner’s responsibility to make certain that their management does not allow for this type of behavior. If this type of culture is rampant, then Wyoming has no need for this law. If I am a business owner who's “bread and butter” is a livestock operation I would be making sure that no one abused my animals. Not only out of fear that someone would expose my operations, but because animals deserve more and it is ME who is responsible for my business. I am responsible for the managers who are responsible for the supervisors who are responsible for the employees. If I were breeding culture that certain behaviors were unacceptable then the behaviors would result in discipline then dismissal if needed. If I am breeding a culture where animal abuse is tolerated or taken lightly then of course my operation is going to be targeted. Rightfully so.

Why would we want to pass a law that protects criminal actions?

I, and many of my family and friends in Wyoming are opposed to this bill. We want you to vote in opposition of this bill in order to represent our view that animal cruelty is wrong and we believe people who stand up to it are heroes not criminals. Please do the right thing. Vote NO to HB0126!!

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