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Omit Section 242 ii

Please help Maverick. Maverick is a 3yr old little boy who is on life support because he is vent dependent. The family's electric bill is estimated at $900 plus a month. Maverick's parents struggle daily with paying their electric bill. Most of us would with such an outrageous monthly expense. Because of Section 242 ii, Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power can legally disconnect the family's electric if the parents do NOT pay their bill or default on the payment agreement plan even with a life support letter from Maverick's doctors. If their electricity gets disconnected that means DEATH for Maverick.

Families who have a baby, child or person on life support should NOT be subjected to having their electric shut off when it means the death of the baby, child or person. Electric companies should offer a manageable discount based on the families financial situation. Putting a baby, child or persons life in jeopardy should be considered unconstitutional.

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