Investigate and Revoke/Suspend the State Operating Authority of James Rollman, d/b/a ABC Taxi (Laramie, WY)

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In August of 2011, James Rollman, operating as ABC Taxi, had his local Ground Transportation Operator's permit suspended in Jackson, Wyoming, initially by the town's Chief of Police and then permanently enforced by the Town Council in September 2011.  This suspension resulted from charges of drunk driving and theft from customers while on shift as an operational taxi.  Shortly thereafter, Rollman relocated to Laramie, Wyoming and began doing business there under an Operating Authority granted by the State of Wyoming Department of Transportation.

He has since continued in the same bizarre, dangerous, and unprofessional activities.  After misleading the local newspaper in an interview as to why he relocated and began business in Laramie,  Mr. Rollman has been witnessed by both customers and employees of local bars drinking while on shift.  Numerous citizens attest to Mr. Rollman deliberately attempting to cause vehicular accidents in Laramie, particlarly with competing companies' vehicles.  Mr. Rollman has also been reported numerous times to be under the influence of drugs, and have witnessed him selling them as well.  Mr. Rollman has also verbally assaulted and threatened both employees and customers alike of other local cab companies, bars, etc.  Numerous consumers, citizens, and professionals in Laramie have reported his behaviors to the Laramie Police Department; however, it appears no actions have ever been taken to shut Mr. Rollman down or curb his behavior, which continues to escalate to this day.

We believe the Laramie Police Department has failed in its duty to protect the citizens of Laramie from Mr. Rollman's behaviors; we also believe the Wyoming Department of Transportation issued Operating Authority to Mr. Rollman carelessly and without knowledge of his previous behavior, criminal history, or operating history.

The purpose of this petition is to request that the Laramie Police Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol, and WYDOT investigate the matter further and take action, and we are asking the WYDOT Regulatory Section to consider temporarily or permanently revoking ABC Taxi's Operating Authority in the State of Wyoming.  We believe that Mr. Rollman continues to be a danger to the very public who entrusts him with their safety and well-being.

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