Keep WCS on the hybrid model or offer parents the option to select the hybrid model

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The COVID-19 numbers are likely to spike again once school districts resume in person learning. Classrooms are only so large, making physical distancing difficult, and the more students each child is exposed to, the greater the risk of becoming infected if a student unknowingly comes to school with a COVID-19 infection. It's simply a numbers game, and we're already seeing this play out in colleges and districts that started before we did.

While we would all love for our children to have the opportunity to learn in person, it seems like the safest route would be to remain on the hybrid structure for the first semester of the school year or, as an alternative, allow parents to opt for the hybrid model for their student(s). This would decrease the number of students our children come into contact with on a daily basis, and increase the teachers' ability to physically distance students in classrooms of all sizes. Taking this measure now will hopefully help to keep the numbers low enough that the district will not be forced to go 100% remote down the road. 

We are asking the Board of Education and School Administrators to keep our district on the hybrid plan beyond this week. If the district cannot commit to that, then we are asking that parents are given a 3rd option of "hybrid learning", allowing parents to choose between fully on-site, fully remote, or hybrid model.

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