Support Transparency in Wyoming Government

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Not only do newspapers play a vital role in the sustenance of our democracy by reporting on community news, but also through their role as stewards of public notices.  To Wyoming newspapers, as the fourth estate, we believe publishing notices is an important function of providing Wyoming residents third-party permanent access. As private sector, main street businesses, Wyoming newspapers have handled the role of providing permanent access of public notices ably for decades because they are archived, independent and verifiable. Along with open-meetings and freedom of information laws, public notices are an important part of government transparency.

Notices are published in newspapers and their websites because information is discovered there. People go on the internet to search information and they typically ignore everything else. Posting only on government sites is not giving notice to Wyoming it is just making the information available should it be searched out. If there is not requirement to publish notices in the newspaper, most people will forget they exist, and government accountability will decrease AND SPENDING WILL INCREASE! 

Newspaper notice keeps the foxes away from the hen house. Requiring independent, third-party newspapers to ensure that public notices run in accordance with the law helps prevent government entities and officials from hiding information they would prefer the public not to see.

Support real democracy through real transparency.