End to Hidden and Predatory Resort Fees in the Hospitality Industry

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In 2019, Resorts will collect an additional $3,000,000,000 (3 BILLION DOLLARS) in various fees from travelers

These include resort fees which are due atop the regular room rate to stay in a hotel or resort and any applicable government imposed taxes and fees.

In many travel destinations, the price to stay in a hotel room is often times less than the resort fee associated with the room itself.

"Resort Fees" hide the true cost of staying at a hotel or resort behind a cash grab which hurts consumers.

The largest names in the hospitality industry increase their operating revenue via charging resort fees for amenities which for decades were considered standard when staying at a hotel property.

Resort fees claim to cover amenities such as:

  • Swimming pools and similar features
  • High speed internet access while a guest on property
  • Fitness centers or other recreational facilities

Although resort fees claim to cover the use of these services, there is no way to NOT pay a fee.

Aside from staying at a hotel-casino property and being a guest who gambles a certain amount each trip or carrying special credit cards offered only to specific types of consumers, you cannot escape a resort fee.

"But I do not use the internet at the hotel" - Sorry, the fee still applies.

"I am not swimming, it is winter time and pool is closed" - You still must be the resort fee.

"I never intend to step foot into the fitness center!" - Once again, you will still pay the resort fee for this "service."

Resort Fees are CONFUSING to Consumers

Unlike the cost of a room with applicable taxes, there are no rules to inform the consumer what the nightly resort fee is when making a hotel reservation.

Various travel websites have the fee information in different places, in small print or in some extreme cases not listed at all.

Checking out of your hotel to learn that your 3 night stay will cost you another $135 in resort fees even though you already paid for your stay though a travel website is common.

Confusing consumers and collecting fees for services they may not ask for or even want, is simple a cash grab.

Consumers Want TRANSPARENCY in Business

When you book an airline ticket, you are presented with a final price for your trip.

Purchasing an automobile involves all costs and fees BEFORE you "sign on the dotted line."

Resort fees are a mess. Allowing consumers to either opt out of some or all services may be an option, but an industry standard to disclose fees needs to exist.

Regulating a Billion Dollar Industry is Difficult

Recently, legislation has been drafted to force the United States congress and senate to act and force hotels to disclose rates.

These sorts of bills fail for a multitude of reasons before becoming law. If pushed through, the hospitality industry will merely push back and take the matter to the courts, arguing their case while the industry giants continue their current resort fee practices.

Sign the Petition and ask the Biggest Casino Hotel Operators to Work Together to Create a Standard

Competition in business is healthy as is the choice of the consumer to make an informed decision about ALL taxes and fees they will end up being charged while on vacation.

I am asking the largest hotel operators specifically in Las Vegas to work to disclose their fees up front, and start collecting the fees at the time of booking in all cases.

They have the power to enforce the travel website operators to include the price of the resort fee at the end of the booking process.

And if they hate disclosing this, they can simply charge one price for a room, not give consumers a "cheap room rate" and forcing them to pay for it after paying their hotel bill.

Thank you for reading, signing and sharing this petition!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!