Stop the Telecommunication Tower at 238 Morris Road Hoppers Crossing

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Wyndham City council are thinking of approving a 30-meter telecommunication tower right in the heart of residence on 238 Morris Rd Hoppers Crossing.

The tower will be located only 5 meters from a residential home.

There have been studies done that indicate the health issues attached to telecommunication tower emitting high power radio waves that may cause health issues.

There is strong evidence to conclude that cell sites are risk factors for: - Cancer, specifically brain tumors and leukemia - Heart attack and heart disease, particularly arrhythmia - Neurological effects including sleep disturbance, learning difficulties, depression and suicide - Reproductive effects, especially miscarriage and congenital malformation - Viral and infectious diseases because of reduced immune system competency associated with reduced melatonin and altered calcium ion homeostasis. There is also strong deviance that Telecommunication towers can lower the price of surrounding houses by up to 20% in value, not only would it cost residence it will cost council in the form a rates lower house prices means lower rates collected by council.

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