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Wyllow's Law- Protect our children from their abusers

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Too many children and infants are abused and often killed by their drug addicted protectors. (parents, babysitters, etc.) Only after it is too late, people start thinking of solutions as to what could have saved the child. We are trying to make it mandatory that when a welfare check is requested - or at anytime child abuse is suspected - by anyone caring for a child, that any and all children under the care of the abuser be fully evaluated by a medical professional immediately. We are asking that these welfare checks & CPS investigations happen at random and with no warning to avoid those accused from hiding evidence of drug abuse, physical abuse and or child neglect. I think having a medical check and a spontaneous check of the home are both top priority in making sure nothing is being hidden from the system and that the children in these situations will not be forgotten just because the guardians hide their drugs. That there should be a thorough search conducted of the entire home. Top to bottom. Inside and outside. That these 3 things should not be debatable and will provide more accurate truths on a child's living situation. Especially when there is photo evidence of them admitting to drug use and neglecting the child.

Recently in Tucson, Arizona, 6 month old Wyllow was severely abused for weeks prior to her death. Her mother, and baby-sitters failed to seek medical attention. Officers were called to the home days before Wyllow died because her father requested a welfare check. Officers found the baby to be in good health, but it was a different story when she died days later at the hospital. I think if they would have dug a little deeper and had her evaluated by a medical professional, her death could have been avoided. It would have proved that she was abused, and she would have been removed from the care of these monsters. 

Though it is too late to save Wyllow, we still have the chance to save others in a situation similar to hers! We will not let our flawed system fail these innocent children any longer. 

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