Save The Wycombe Museum

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Wycombe Museum: a fundamental part of High Wycombe’s community is at risk of closure in the near future due to the expiration of their grant and merge of Wycombe and Aylesbury councils preventing further funding from being allocated to the museum.

Wycombe Museum is a free attraction in High Wycombe which preserves the town’s industrial history. However, it is a provider of many more services that few people are aware of. Numerous charities are reliant on Wycombe Museum for facilities - like their sensory garden, or grounds. One such charity is the Macintyre Trust; a charity working to help vulnerable adults. The Wycombe Museum’s sensory garden was built by them, and created a new area to facilitate therapy, and act as a sanctuary for all.

If the Wycombe Museum were to close, the rich history of Wycombe would begin to be forgotten again, and the community would lose a safe space. So many people are reliant on this facility that its closure would have a detrimental effect upon High Wycombe’s community. 

Please sign this petition to request that Wycombe Museum is given further funding after its grant expires in April 2020, to preserve this wholly positive attraction, and ensure that the service users of the museum and associates charities remain supported.

Thank you for reading.

Who are we?

- We are Team Ward: a group of young people working with NCS and the Challenge, aged 15-16, from High Wycombe. NCS is a government run scheme to provide young people with skills for life, the opportunity to make lifelong friends, and crucially, make an impact in their community. All of us are passionate about social action and really want to make a difference with our work over the next couple of weeks and beyond. Thank you for supporting our cause.