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To stop the "Open Door" policy in Australia to protect disabled and elderly people in care

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Australia has an "Open Door"policy which means disabled and elderly people's care homes do not lock their gates or doors 24/7. But the staff members lock themselves in their rooms for protection. Anyone can walk in off the street at night. The governments answer to this is "Everyone is entitled to have a sexual relationship if they wish." My disabled daughter was in care for four years and suffered the most horrendous neglect, abuse and sexual abuse which was not reported to police by the company or her doctor when we fronted to the doctors office. Because my daughter can't talk the company and all government agencies refuse to address the "Open Door"policy including The Human Rights Commission. Their statement was "They only deal with policies." I have contacted local, state and federal government as well as the media except for Channel Seven. Non have replied since July 2016 except for Bill Shorten who replied in January 2017 but didn't address the "Open Door" policy. I have had good doctors, nurses, police and carers close to tears saying "They can't do anything to help us and others in this situation because it is government policy. Even by speaking about the "Open Door" policy  they risk their livelihoods. Many other families have told me similiar stories to ours and even suggested that I say nothing as they (the government bodies) will destroy you. They were right, they have tried their best to remove my daughter from my care and place her back in care even though they have said I am an exceptional mother and carer. They have falsified documents to make out they are providing care but they have withheld that care saying I have denied care for my daughter. The Attorney General of Australia would not reply even though I contacted him in 2015 begging for help for the disabled people of Australia.This is a disgrace and an absolute shame that Australia's will have to live with forever. Every week in Queensland several disabled people who've been raped or molested present to each major hospital across the state. Disabled people have little if no rights in Australian law. You can't find out where to get help and all government doors close on you.The Premier of Queensland knows about this as does the Police, Justice and Disability Ministers of Queensland but non of them will address this issue. Our crime rates may have going down but at the cost of our disabled families and their communities who are being ignored and destroyed. You can't find out who owns or who is invested in these homes. It is impossible to go any higher than a general manager within these care homes and complaints are ignored. Finally after four years they sacked the general manager in my daughters situation. But I still can't get any information regarding my daughters stay in this care home. There is no accountability or transparency of these care homes,  staff, management or home owners. For that matter there is no accountability or transparency of government or government funded agengies involved in these care homes. After years of fighting and putting up with abuse and threats from different people within these bodies enough is enough. Yes I have been threatened with jail more than once. So now I am asking for a conscience vote from all Australians. If this was your loved one wouldn't you want the government and its agencies to do their very best to stop this abuse and bring justice to those who truly deserve it. As a country we need to stand together and demand the basic human rights for our most vulnerable. This policy is absoutely antiquated. It says something about our country when our greyhounds get more rights than our loved ones. The "Open Door Policy is not acceptable on an humanitarian basis. This is why I am asking that The Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove step in and take responsibility for his government. I pray and hope he sees the truth and acts quickly before many more lives are ruined. Please spread this this email like wild fire. Help save innocent victims from the same terror my beautiful daughter has been through and is still living each and everyday for the rest of her life.

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Marie Bodel 


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