YouTube, please remove the strike from the RC Saylors channel!

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On June 1, 2018, the YouTube content creator "The RC Saylors" has reached out to its audience with a video announcement. In the video the creators describe how their channel was flagged for a video posted on November 21, 2017 about an RC vehicle on the grounds that the video violated the community guidelines set by YouTube, despite having complied with the guidelines not for the flagged video, but all uploaded videos. They were disraught and devastated considering the fact that such a strike on their channel has grave consequences and can jeopardize the future of the channel including the inability to do a live video translation until the end of August, 2018. Since the flagging of the described video, The RC Saylors have removed the video as requested by YoutTube.

As a long-time subscriber to the said channel, I can attest that The RC Saylors create a family-friendly and animal-friendly content with absolutely NO obscenity or NO nudity, have been doing so since the inception of the channel 5 years ago. Their videos are catered towards the community of remote-controlled vehicle hobbyists, like myself. They are a couple, husband and wife, who enjoy interacting with their audience, give their advice and honest, but respectful, opinion on the products that they feature on their channel.

Given the spotless record and good nature of this YouTube channel, I would like to ask YouTube to remove the strike from the channel, and moreover, bring some clarity as to why the strike was given.



Umid Abdullaev

on behalf the fans and subscribers of The RC Saylors