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Please..Save My Youtube Channel.

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I am writing this petition for one special cause seeking for justice among you. I want your help to carry on my work and not let my passion burn out. My name is Shishir Bhandari and I am very passionate on comedy and has been thriving to make people laugh eversince. With the sole purpose of giving out what I know, what I have learnt and make people laugh, keep them entertained and informed; I started a youtube channel. My youtube channel is Duplicate Dose HD. I have been operating it since 2012. everything was going well. I was working on one thing I always wanted and meanwhile I even gained lots of faithful subscribers, 45000 is not less in where I come from. I upload comedies to entertain them and also inform about current issues. I have faithful subscribers and in recent times the video I have uploaded also made it into trending videos. This made me happy and more energized to work harder on it. And that's what I did, without caring about any other circumstances, I continuously worked day and night. This youtube channel is my only passion and a way to let my creativity flow and reach the people Not only that this is the only thing I know, a sole way of my survival.
Now, I want to inform you about the latest happenings of my youtube channel. One fake channel has repeatedly struck copyright in my original contents and now my channel is in the verge of closure. One inauthentic, unauthorized channel, which is now been made unavailable, has done it to defame me. I have always put on original contents to entertain my audience. So, there is no room for copyright. Moreover, there is no chance that my content belongs to the channel which made the claim. I can see that they could not bear my success and the love I received from my audiences.
But now, with these inauthentic claims, I am deeply saddened and depressed right now. I feel like, there is no room for creative people and even the illegal approaches can make you fall. All the ideas used in the making and all the thoughts I keep having are gone for nothing. This is making me ask questions like can one wrong move from some jealous, fake people take away all my hardship? I have no issues with the people who made these fake claims. Maybe, they did what they knew, but they knew wrong.
I worship my work and care for my subscribers. Keeping them well informed and entertained is my duty and sole purpose. To see that my contents have reached people made me happy and I kept going. These copyright issues blamed on me are illegal. And I have no way than seek help from you all and get back what belongs to my dear audiences. I hope you seriously look after the situation and see that I have done no wrong and the claims are illegal. Please let me not stop my passion and please allow me to entertain my subscribers with my creativity, that's all I know how to do.


Shishir Bhandari

Dhading, Nepal

Youtube Channel name- Duplicate Dose HD

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