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Vote for Court Reform of Family Court & CPS in America!

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Archer Sierra, #CEOforChange, is acting on behalf of the best interest of the American Citizens and overall Humanity by requesting the following list of requests. American families are under siege and a bounty has been placed on the heads of American Children via Title IV Funding and Adoption Incentive Programs. Furthermore, each state in the U.S. isn't even mandated to reinvest the funds into improving the lives of American families and their children. These funds can be used to balance each of the states budget among other things. We are requesting:

1-Immediate Intervention be taken to investigate and audit the books of each state, the American public is requesting to know where these funds are being spent.

2-The IMMEDIATE return of children that have been taken be returned to their families based on EVIDENCE of the withholding/falsifying documents, lying under oath, and coercion on behalf of court officers who have participated in manipulating the U.S. Court System in order to legally abduct American Children and alienate parents and children.

3-That EVIDENCE produced by the Justice Speaks Up Open Source Investigative Journalism Project be reviewed by the DOJ (and all relevant agencies) to immediately file criminal charges against the individuals based the criminal activity that current EVIDENCE supports.

4-That victims of court corruption be immediately granted Victim Restitution, Damages, Defamation of Character, loss of income, and any other charges that may apply.

5-That any and all participating parties in these activities have their licenses to perform in their relevant fields be immediately revoked, and that they are permanently barred from holding a government office or any field that pertains to children.

6-That each individual guilty of said charges defer each of their retirement funds to be used for funding the families under the Victim Compensation Act.

7-That, if deemed necessary, that all guilty parties assets have an immediate injunction put on their assets on behalf of their victims.

8-That each victims legal funds, filing fees, transcripts (both audio and written) and any potential appeals fees be paid for by the state budget allocated for Title IV Funding, adoption incentives, and each victim have the right to choose their own attorney to represent their interest.

9-That all current and future family court hearings, CPS, and relevant court proceedings involving children be video recorded for documentation and quality assurance purposes. That all criminal proceedings involving this matter be streamed via CCTV, White House TV, and colleges who offer legal studies for the sake of full disclosure to the American public.

10-Most importantly, that the White House please schedule a timely meeting with CEO/Humanitarian/Social Justice Advocate, Archer Sierra, and her tech partners, to immediately implement a digital monitoring and accountability software in order to assure the safety and well being of the children currently in state care. We have created the technology, children are disappearing in the system, so let's use the technology and not wait any longer. 

Children in state care are 600% more likely to be abused, neglected, raped, murdered, sex trafficked in state care. The research has been compiled, a team has been formed and is building bigger by the day. The time is NOW to implement a better system for serving the American public. We appreciate your support for this campaign.

Please like, share, support, donate what you can but most importantly JOIN THE CONVERSATION and SPEAK UP about this matter. Silence is NOT bliss. Be a voice for the voiceless. Our goal is to begin a conversation about what matters most...our future generations and the CURRENT human rights violations that it is enduring.

Together we can create a brighter future for American Families! 

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