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Everyone knows the current situation of the Lockdown in throughout the Country. There Students in our Universities Who comes from Almost from each City and Village of Country. In these Situations, Lockdown happened and Semester Study Stopped. HEC Devised to start Online systems and after Working tirelessly The University made a system To cover the remaining days of Semester But Holidays got extended.

Learning opportunities must be made timely as it is found that it is futile to bring online learning system now, because many of the students have insufficient or improper resources or opportunities. So LMS cannot be made effective (If can, then You lost the time for that) and it is definitely in the loss of almost each and every student enrolled in the university. Thereby, it is advised that the classes should be postponed for the time being and they must be commenced during summer session.

The current established learning system is not sufficiently adequate because of the following problems.

(First of all Students are not even Registered correctly, They don't even have the access to log into the System<Even if they have Their courses are not shown to them taking the lecture is far away>)

1) Many of the students do not have internet as they belong to underdeveloped areas.

2) Others are facing so because of Curfew, especially in Balochistan, Sindh, many small towns and villages and also small cities in Punjab. They do not have access even to the basic needs of life. So how can they load some balance or get an expensive internet package? It is impossible.

3) Also, the condition of internet signaling is not feasible in other areas too,

4) How are we going to take our LABS? How to do practical work? How VIVAS are going to be prepared? Obviously, there is no such way.

5) How those students will tackle who are in 9th or 10th semester? They are just practical, research workers and are on rotations. Clinical rotations are going to be online? No. They need some hospital, patients, several other SOPs.

6) There are some students who are improving some subjects. They have many clashes, hereby in LMS.

7)  All the students are worried about their degrees. We are just baffled by LMS and temporarily engaged in heavy assignments.

8)  Quantity of Assignments are given beyond analysing its possibility. Students are unable to comprehend the subjects.

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." - Albert Einstein.

The online learning is system futile and useless for the students, however, the semester break is also not a proper solution.Thereby, keeping in view all of the problems faced by the students of each department and semester herein from The University of Lahore, it is advised to shift the current session to summer.

All classes must be started from June 1, 2020.
• Students must not have to pay more for their recontinued session; their current dues must be accommodated.
• It is advised to shift rather break the semester because, otherwise, it will cost too much to the students who are in their last semesters. Following these pieces of advice will not delay their degrees.
• In result, there will be no summer vacations as Government has already announced this current closure as summer holidays.

HEC and other Higher authorities are requested that kindly consider these issues seriously. For more complaints and issues of the Students, Check their comments.

No Student is forced to stand with us and Every Student is Welcomed to be Part of this

Don't Underestimate the Student voice.