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https://www.travolook.in/ as Fraud

Why this petition matters

Started by Smitesh Save



This website is travel booking website and it's a fraud. 

I have gone through all complains on Twitter and other social media. 

1. All complaints are about money deducted but no ticket received 

2. Customer raise complain for refund but everyone has same answer we are working and for months nothing happens. 

3. This website should be banned ASAP, everyone is loosing hard earn money. 

4. As this website is used by common people for whom some additional discount with compare to other websites is additional happiness the flight is also average of 6k to 8k

5. When no revert many people approach consumer forum. But here process is customer has to send complain number to the website now this guys are masters in fraud. So they know that after 15days consumer forum people will ask customer file a legal complain which customer has to appoint a lawyer. Now the cost to get those fraudsters to court will be very costly for the customer. So finally customer give up on the money as donation and move on. 

I want to spread this awareness and want such fraudsters to be behind bars 

71 have signed. Let’s get to 100!