Void Of DEMURRAGE charges by shpping Line in Lockdown

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During the lockdown every importer is in great stress governemt have open the port, but still the movement of container are not allowed, and are being stop by authorities demanding permission. 

We as a importer are in vain and under great stress of demurrage charges being put by shipping line. 

We all importer , CHA and Forwaders should come along and stand with each other and let the authorities and all shipping line understand our problem. The market is compmete shut down, no funds rotation. Still we trying very hard to get the container clear, but the coming demurrage over is a great stress. 


I request all of us to understand this problem and our stress and stand with each other and let authorities understand our problem. 

We request authorites to understand out problem and help for this. 


We all importer will be highly thankful if you look for our problem

waiting for a positive responce from the authority fir our problem. 


All Importers in India.