Securing our future: Be fair to our young people and bands Scarr Bandstand Committee.

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Imagine having to tell the talented young people in your training band that they cannot compete in their local contest, and will have to pay to go miles elsewhere.

The Friends of the (newly refurbished) Scarr Bandstand Committee are planning a Contest for Brass Bands on 10th June 2018. The refurbishment and prize money has been provided from within the Forest of Dean. Except that this is far from the exciting opportunity it claims to be. The contest is being run according to its’ own rules (not published), and its’ entrance criteria rules out the majority of local brass bands; including training & school bands for our young people: the next generation of local Brass musicians. As it stands only 4 local bands are eligible to compete; of which only 2 are available on the day.

We want the Scarr Bandstand Committee to revise it’s rules to allow all local Brass bands to enter, and especially to support our budding Brass musicians in local training or unregistered bands.

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