Make Kempsey/Armidale road safe by reclassification as a state funded road.

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The road between Kempsey nsw and Armidale nsw is a road that is over 100 years old and link between two major NSW regional towns. The road is the last link from the coast to the tablelands not sealed so it needs constant grading by both Kempsey  and Armidale councils to keep it safe for all users.

An unsafe, ungraded road affects many users some of which are local residents, business owners in the local area which include cattle producers, farmers, timber cutters and tourist operators. Also the road is popular with motor cyclists, car rallies, kayaker's, Bass fishermen, hikers, campers, horse riders and tourists.

Many of these people using this road need a safe well maintained road to make a living, transporting livestock, produce in and out, tourists and also safely travel to and from work in either Kempsey or Armidale

The road is narrow, steep, rough and has many unsafe areas along its 80 odd Kms of dirt road which need constant repair

Our local councils simply don't have the funds to keep this road in this condition let alone improve it, we need the NSW state government  to retake control of the road to gain the funds to improve our road to make it safe for all to use.

Please sign this petition to get the NSW state government to review the classification of our increasingly busier regional road