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Disable Multi-Login Support on Ragnarok Online Philippines

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Ragnarok Online is going to relaunch in the Philippines in the upcoming months. Handled by Electronics Extreme, a Thailand-based company, held a press-conference last week and during the pres-con, they announced that they will going to enable multi-login support (up to 5 clients).

In Thailand, they report that they have a peak online players of more than 50,000 simultaneously. Enabling multi-login support, 1 player can login 5 different accounts (depending on the capabilities of his/her personal computer).

This decision gathered negative reactions among of the Filipino players which are the main audience of the game, both old and new players alike. Among of the reasons why many of the players objected having multiple logins enabled is that it will destroy the bare essence of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, a game genre where you need to interact with other online players in game. Having 1 player controlling up to 5 accounts/characters defeats the Role-Playing in MMORPG.

Chatting, looking for parties during quest, grinding, hunting MVPs or bosses, or just staying in towns and cities will be most enjoyable if every character you will encounter is a different person. Imagine if you walk into a place where in there are a lot of characters, let say 20 characters, it will be not good if those 20 characters are in fact only 4 real life people and would not answer to your chat at all.

Everybody will do their own business without the support of others. Well you can create a priest to help your own new character to level up, while having several merchants vending in the main cities.

PVP will be also affected. Where there will be a lot of slave support characters(priest, blacksmiths, soul linkers etc) in the PVP lobby owned by a single person. His/her main PVP character will be fully buffed before entering the PVP room which is really unfair on the other players which only rely on 1 account.

Ragnarok Online has been one of the best MMORPGs today because of the unique game-play and vast content it offers which is intended to be share among all of the online players. i have been playing Ragnarok Online since it was first launched in the Philippines and i don't want to see relaunch go to waste due to vast number of online characters which can i say, considered to be just an NPC because of it mostly being idle while the real owner is focusing on a different account.

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