OFSC permit holders need results now !

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We require immediate attention in regards to the new insurance policy that has left 1000's of devoted members in frustrated limbo over  the new found evidence from  your newly established insurance provider by withholding pertinent aspects of previous coverage that has jeopardized our designated travel routes & possibly put private landowners at risk if they continue to support us by allowing designated trails through their properties. However, we the members across Ontario who provide payment on time every time  request that you uphold the same ! Give us the same commitments  for what we are paying for as to the agreement & those designated trails. You no doubt saw the opportunity to save with the new insurance provider but overlooked the fine print as to what had been omitted from previous accords. This year's snow accumulation has hurt many regions with late trail openings or even permanent closures due to warm weather prohibiting safe lake crossings. However, surely  you still have time to make necessary adjustments & sort out the insurance issues to provide what everyone needs to meet their satisfactions. There is much at stake here ! Much more than meets the eye. From riders to business owners &  tourist survival !! everyone involved, needs this to be resolved. Please make things right ! Winter is far from over! Thank You for listening & hopefully you will uphold the true reason of your existence ! ONTARIO FEDERATION SNOWMOBILE CLUB