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Stop Mobile Strike Extorting Us For Money To Play A Mobile Game

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Pay To Play

Mobile Strike is a very popular Mobile game available on IOS and Andriod. When you first start the game you can spend just a few minutes per day and make good progress. However, you have to spend hundreds even thousands of dollars to actually participate in this game as it was intended for use.

Mobile Strike are simply out of control and we must put a stop to this online extortion.

Mobile Strike is making over 1 million dollars PER DAY by marketing itself as a free game but actually the truth is unless you spend money the key features are unavailable to players who don't pay up. This in its own right must carry some law considering they advertise its a free game.

Pack Purchases & Marketing

A major concern is how they market packs so that you are cajoled into making a purchase in fear that if you don't your miss out. You believe you are getting the best deal and trust what the application is advising us but in fact its lies. This type of marketing is very heavy in your face. Rest assured once you max your account or make a pack purchase within hours you can get more for your money or that same pack is up to 4 times cheaper but they don't care as they have extorted the money from you already.

Not to mention every time you log in this constant harassment to purchase is there to greet you and you are unable to turn this feature off but have to close it down upon opening the app. We also have to stare at a screen that has a constant bouncy crate flashing at you for the whole time you play, surely this has some physiological impact on your mindset and is also a trigger to make a purchase.

This game is very competitive and you obtain the best equipment to survive so we all fall for this trick as we need to stay up to date to play. This is online daylight robbery.

Where is my investment

Many companies that sell a product have whats known as a cooling of period, there is also consumer laws to protect the innocent like us, such as the long distance selling act, the sale of goods act etc depending where you are in the world. Imagine you bought something from a store then they slashed the price by up to 4 times within 24 hours, but not only once but on a regular basis, this is criminal.

Now we are starting to understand the algorithm that mobile strike will offer a pack and then same day or within 24hrs they reduce the cost, so do not invest.
I play other online games but I have never witnessed such aggressive marketing towards its customers with such fluid prices.

I understand the complexities of addressing the needs of the non-spender, the moderate, and the big spenders. Yet, every time change is implemented, it requires a massive amount of money to even achieve half of the changes.

Some of you may be thinking, if you just wait for the pack prices to reduce your be able to max out cheap but the reality is that they are releasing new things almost daily which means your investment to play this game becomes null & void.

Consider the time you spend tweaking your base, setting everything up as you need and building up but in a flash they change the whole concept that your base is dead and buried. Just last week I spent a $1000 and was maxed for all of 24 hours, after building all banks and building mods I'm now no more than a trap so I have to revert all the work and effort ive put in.

This game is becoming a waste of time as I feel we spend all our time clicking on our screen and not enjoying the features.

At first Epic War will offer you packages at about $7.00 for very good growth, after that prices quickly increase even up to $300 per package, many players find themselves spending hundreds even thousands of dollars just to keep up or be left in the dust; I've even heard of some players spending $50,000 dollars to play this game leaving any player not willing to or that can't afford to cough up the cash to be left in the dust.

Epic War LLC is making over 1 million dollars a day so one would think they would be happy and want to keep there community happy, yet they keep releasing new ways to extort us that have no new features instead of allowing us to have value for our investment.

I don't recall a new feature that has made a major improvement in this game except for recreating research trees that do nothing but take more money.

I could write a book on all the pros and cons but lets take action together and get them to address all the issues we have as they refuse to acknowledge when mailing them politely.


Time to take action.

What we want from Epic War LLC,

Lower your astronomically high prices for virtual goods with no real world value so we can all play the game and enjoy the features.

Stop the constant release of new things that serve no purpose other than your goal of financial gain.

Stop releasing packs then reducing the prices same day or next, this upsets your players more than anything and is so unnecessary. Just create a pack and leave the price to stand for a good few weeks that way we all know where we stand.

I can't do this alone, I need your help. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make sure this message is heard loud and clear by Epic War LLC:

1. SIGN the petition 

2. Email:

Send Epic Ware LLC a link to this petition along with why this matters to you.

3. Comment below, make you voice heard.

4. Talk to every person you know who plays this game, get them to talk to everyone they know, spread this through line app and lets get this viral.

5. Share on all social media platforms

Visit my website and post all your grievances here, this website has been set up to voice ourselves as they ignore us so get blogging and get this viral.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this information. Without the players, Mobile Strike would be nothing... We sign the executives paychecks, and we've had enough. 

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