Make the government declare what they're doing to make companies reduce plastic usage.

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I recycle as much as I can, I even keep a large box in the kitchen for everything that can be recycled so I can teach my 5 year old son what must go in the "normal" bin and what can be used for recycling. My recycling bin provided through my local council is the largest size they have and I am proud to say that every time they collect it, it is always full to the brim. 

Even though my individual efforts are only helping a little, I continue to do my bit for the environment and for my son's future and the future of every animal and creature on this planet. However, when I was taking the recycling bin out ready for collection it was made clear to me that something needs to be done beyond recycling bins and consumer awareness. 

As I took my recycling bin out a young teenage girl threw her empty crisp packet on the floor outside my house, I asked her to pick it up and put it in the public bin which was within 10 steps of where she stood (she can clearly see me putting my recycling bin out also) she picked it up and walked 5 meters down the road to throw it back on the ground again. It struck me no matter how hard I try there will always be plastic not going to the correct places after use. Why is  it only the consumers that are getting hit about recycling? Where are the posters and the advertisements from the companies who manufacturer these plastics telling us what they are doing for the environment? so my request is simple....

I want the government to clearly show what pressure they are putting on companies within and outside the UK to  reduce their plastic materials that hit our shop shelves.

As consumers we are getting taxed up to 10p per carrier bag but what are the shops/companies being taxed for producing them? As consumers we are being told over and over again that it is our responsibility to recycle but what responsibilities are the shops/companies being given to help with recycling?  As a consumer I am expected to know which plastics can be recycled, which ones can't, but what are the shops/companies expectations to ensure that 100% of plastic is recyclable or removing the ones that aren't? 

I think it is time that we held the companies who produce the plastic in the first place accountable for the impact they make on the environment, as well as taxing the consumer we need to start putting pressure on the shops and companies that use the plastic to make their profits. 

I urge the government to hold an open enquiry, this enquiry will cover the below points: 

- What is the government doing to make shops/companies reduce the level of plastic they make/use? 

- What standards/expectations and legal requirements are the government putting into place to ensure the shops/companies reduce the level of plastic they make/use? 

- What are the penalties if a shop/company is not hitting the standards/expectations or legal requirements on reducing the level of plastic they make/use?