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Amma kondaveeti Jyothirmaye is a renowned spiritualist, social activist and an exemplary devotional singer dedicating her services for a mission to spread saint Annamacharya Sankeerthanas.Living the spirit of confluence of Holy Rivers, Amma is a unique blend combining the Devotion, Musical mastery, Literary Grandeur and Social responsibility and is a scholar in Annmacharya Renaissance Project by Tirumala tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD). Inspired by Sri Annamacharya who sculptured poems with life style of rural brothers and sisters, she makes a unique blend of Sankeerthana and Satkarma.
Amma is the Founder of Amma Kondaveeti Jyotirmaye Central Trust working for a noble mission to pray for the Universal Peace through promoting saint Annamacharya literature all over the world while emphasizing on ‘Karma’ as the essence of Salvation.She toured extensively in United States of America, Singapore, Kuwait and many other countries, Amma serves through concerts and literary promotional activities to propagate saint Annamaacharya across world; Amma with her active association with various Causes spread to Human, Animal and Environment Care is stretching her efforts towards spreading the essence of Love through Sankeerthana and Satkarma. Along with her goal of expanding Music and Social service, she also spreads the essence of spiritual practice propagating that all three together lays path towards Salvation.
Vision: To have every individual self-realised in spiritual level, realise the “Oneness” with cosmic consciousness and contribute in
the welfare of everyone around irrespective of caste, creed, religion and gender.
Aim: To achieve divine peaceful, respectable, contented and joyful life in villages, cities and in entire world.
1) To offer positive and spiritually progressive perspective at individual level and community life.
2) Building diving loving bond between people through inspiration speeches,social activities,Chants,prayers,
mantras and Sankeerthanas.
3) To offer contemplated practices to increase compassion, empathy towards society and fellow individuals.
4) To provide the knowledge that is spiritually stronger individual can only provide sense of wellbeing,belonging,security to
5) To help people lead emotional healthy life and to realise the importance of duties rather than rights.