STOP hunting crocodiles skin for branded bags by skinning them ALIVE in Vietnam!!

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WATCH! How they skinned crocodile alive to make 1 branded bag!

Every year, the global leather industry slaughter more than one billion animals and skin. Exotic animals such as crocodiles and alligators are maintained to be skinned alive for skin and meat. Although crocodiles can live up to 60 years, farmed crocodiles are usually slaughtered before the age of 2 years, as soon as they reach a length of 4 to 6 feet. Crocodiles on the farm can be beaten to death with hammers and axes, sometimes staying conscious and in pain for hours after they are skinned.

An investigation into crocodile farms in Vietnam revealed that animals were skinned alive, and a biologist who viewed video footage of the slaughter concluded that “there was no probability the animals died instantly, and that they likely remained conscious and sensitive to stress and pain for up to two hours after the process.”


As an ordinary person, you definitely want to do something to bring even a little change to the poor crocodiles and alligators. But sometimes, you are confused about what you have to do because as an ordinary person, you think there are not many things you can do to bring change.

However, that thought is a big mistake! You can make changes only with the following small movements, including:

  1. STOP using bags, purses and any items that come from animal skin. START to use other basic items that do not contain animal skin. There are many alternatives to leather, including cotton, linen, rubber, ramie, canvas, and synthetics.
  2. Sign this petition! We hope that with small movement by signing this petition, we can reduce and even stop animal abuse, especially crocodiles and alligators skinned alive for branded bags. 
  3. Strict regulations for animal abuse! We encourage the government to immediately issue a Ministerial Regulation on violence against reptiles, especially crocodiles and alligators who use their skin to make branded bags. Because, through these regulations, parties that have not been involved will think before acting and the parties that have been involved will get a deterrent effect that is commensurate with their actions.

START it from NOW!

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