Lets get rid of cosmetic surgery ads on love island

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Young people as we know are influenced by tv shows such as love island. It is a tv show which promotes unhealthy stereotypes of what is "hot"and acceptable. This petition is arguing for a little responsibility on the part of itv media, we are not asking for the show to be removed but simply that those who watch are not exploited by seeing cosmetic surgery ads during the breaks of love island. 

It is irresponsible for those who may be vulnerable and dealing with body image difficulties to be given the message that being hot is the way to be accepted and then to show an ad offering a way to look. 

Cosmetic surgery is a choice we are not arguing against that,more that advertising is not using peoples vulnerabilities to offer one solution -that of surgery. 

Please sign below to stop the promoting of unhealthy body image and the irresponsible advertising of itv media.