Mitigate Emigration and create more opportunities for young, working age population.

Mitigate Emigration and create more opportunities for young, working age population.

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Mitigate Emigration and create more opportunities for young, working age population.

Hello all we the students of grade 6 and we are inquiring into emigration and its ill effects. Please sign our petition to help us make a change.

In many people's opinion emigration is not a problem, But this is how it is a major issue for the country's economy:

Emigration can offer more opportunities for individuals, but as a country it is definitely a loss for the economy. 

Causes and Effects of emigration are :

Causes :

*Poor living conditions, Poor Infrastructure, High Density of Population,Lack of employment or entrepreneurial opportunities,Lack of educational opportunities,Oppressive legal or political conditions,Struggling or Failing economy,Law & Order Issues , warfare or terrorism,Famine , Drought , Poverty,Overcrowding, Pollution, Quality of life is low.

Effects : 

Cost to the Country is High- Basic Education cost , 16 years of Education cost is lost, other countries benefit . They have ready made end Products.Graduates from High School’s  of Learning like IIT / NIT / IIM / Medical Colleges, Chartered Accountants , emigrate to Western Countries.

This is how we  can mitigate emigration:

*Better living conditions- Develop Tier II/ III Cities- Sustainable development goal 11-Sustainable cities and communities. 

*Create More Job Opportunities and Greater opportunity for new/ varied jobs

*Create Phydigital (Physical and Digital) Infrastructure for nurturing *Entrepreneurship- Sustainable development goal 9- Industry , innovation and Infrastructure

*Better welfare programs and Building a new nation- Sense of History, Nationalism 

*Favorable climate for Business Growth- Reduce Taxes, Improve Labor Laws, *Create Economic Zones- Sustainable development goal 8- Decent work and economic growth.

This can't be done without the help of our government and of course each of us. Only when each of us are icons of personal and social change who will play a role in the transition to a sustainable future, can we develop our country's economy. 

You along with your family will believe and trust your home country and sensitize people around you that our home country is having good potential with good opportunities and is not inferior when compared to other developed countries.

Let us all stand together and request  the government to increase more job opportunities and work for sustainable cities with industry innovation and infrastructure which will help in developing the standard of the people.  

13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!