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STOP BUYING CHINESE PRODUCTS NOW . SUPPORT INDIA ||| Be Indian and Buy Indian goods .|||||

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I am going to do it in the National interest. You need to also seriously consider who you should support. Your country India or China ?? Your small step will become the movement to make our India industrially strong, economically strong and self-sufficient where all “Made in India” products are available. Your buying Indian products will help small and big industries and our industrial base will grow. And when our industries will grow in numbers, our youth, skilled, unskilled, educated, professionals will find job opportunities too.

Today China is supporting Pakistan in its Terror activities to bleed India, which is mean politics that China is playing with India so that, India in the eyes of the international community becomes unsafe investment destination. Foreign investors will hesitate to invest in India, they may not feel confident to start their industries in India, and INDIA remains economically weak.

Pakistan and China want that. They do not want to see India progress industrially and become the developed nation in the world. Many of India’s enemies from within and outside are working together to make sure India does not progress.

But today, Pakistan and China are in very bad state on Economic front. This is the time to hit back at Chinese economy by rejecting Chinese goods marketed in India by saying NO to Chinese products which are sold in India in crores of rupees.

Be Indian and Buy Indian goods . This is the time you need to support your country.

  • Sign this petition as China has helped Pakistan in its terror activities to Bleed India. This must become viral and only we citizens can make it a movement to teach the lesson to China and Pakistan.

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