Ebay Make Buyers Pay Ebay Allow Sellers The Right To Leave Negative Buyer Feedback

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Ebay enables buyers to make  "purchases," without penalty when they do not pay. Daily, thousands of ebay buyers bid or buy merchandise only to not pay for the very items purchased.

Ebay allows buyers a minimum of 48 hours to pay. When they do not fulfill their obligation & when they do not respond to the seller's messages, the seller must open an "Unpaid Item Case," or a case to "Cancel The Transaction."

An unpaid case allows the buyer yet another 4 days to pay. WHY?

Worse a canceled case provides the buyer an additional 3 more days or 7 days to decide to pay or not.

The buyer does not have to respond to either case. The buyer can "walk away," oftentimes without penalty. The seller suffers. The item is "off the market," for the duration of the case. They cannot re-list it or offer it to another interested buyer. They must wait the full extent of the case.

There is no other ecommerce marketplace that enables customers to not pay. When they do not, there are no (financial) penalties. Yes, ebay does provide sellers with the ability to ban a buyer. However the seller does not know a buyer will default on payment until after the fact.

Most sellers who offer an ebay Buy It Now sale aka BIN & who also select the "Immediate Payment Due," option ensures that once a buyer clicks on the item they must pay for it. GREAT!

Not so great. If you also provide buyers the option to make a Best Offer & if you the seller accept that very offer made by the buyer ebay cancels the immediate payment due option allowing the buyer the opportunity to buy it even though they (the buyer) made the offer...to buy!

Does this make any sense? If the buyer had to pay immediately without making an offer why are they not mandated to pay after you accept their offer?

Why are buyers again allowed to NOT PAY?

Ebay's format is outdated & unjust.

Unless a payment plan is advertised by the seller, once an item is purchased it should be paid for if not immediately than within 24 hours. It is common sense. If a buyer is purchasing additional items from the seller an arrangement can be made to withhold payment until the buyer has "checked out."

When a buyer faults on payment ebay must institute a more stringent penalty. Currently ebay can ban a buyer. This is a futile attempt to stop what is now over a 20 year problem.

A buyer with a track record of non payment can create another (fake) account or "buy," through a friend or relative's account. They can do so without fear of financial penalty. The seller not only loses payment but the item may not sell again or it may sell for less than the amount originally listed.

Would ebay allow sellers to not pay their monthly bills? Would they allow sellers to default on payment? No. A seller's account would be closed or suspended. An ebay buyer who frequently abuses the responsibility to purchase should also face the same penalty.

We, the sellers of ebay request ebay institute a financial penalty for non payers or close/suspend their accounts. We are not asking for a substantial amount but one that enforces payment due.

If a buyer is a frequent non payer their account should be closed for an extended period of time or permanently including a financial penalty for aggressive misuse of a buyer's agreement to pay. 

Once an item remains unpaid for 24 hours, unless arrangements have been made between the buyer & seller, the seller should have the option of re listing the item.

A minimum amount i.e. $1.00 to maybe as much as $5.00 for continued infractions should be deducted from the buyer's account. The money collected would not go to the seller. Ebay would collect the fee(s) as part of the buyer's agreement to pay.

The seller then has the right to re list the item immediately.

Until ebay applies the same rules for buyers as they do sellers ebay buyers or those posing as such will continue to "make purchases," without payment.

If immediate payment is not mandated than a small but meaningful financial penalty is the only method to stopping the increasing number of faulty buyers.  

Lastly it is unfair that a seller cannot leave a TRUTHFUL review about a buyer. ebay allows buyers to leave negative seller feedback yet a seller cannot leave negative buyer feedback. A buyer could be a chronic non payer or scammer & the seller's only option is to not leave any feedback. If you decide to leave a negative buyer comment & if caught doing so ebay has the right to suspend or delete your seller account. WHY? Why am I not allowed to let other sellers know that a buyer in question never pays?

Please sign, forward to others, & post to Social Media this petition to mandate ebay minimize buyer non payment & to allow sellers the same right to review buyers.



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