Mississippi’s LACK of Mental Health Services

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Today is a devastating day for people in our community that need mental health services. It was announced on WLOX News, our community services (Gulf Coast Mental Health Center, Crisis Stabilization Unit, (2) Residential Homes, School Services: 1600 Broad Ave.
Gulfport, MS 39501 228-863-1132 outreach@gcmhc.com Main Office 228-863-1132) will be closing due to lack of funding. 

Mental Health Resources are ALREADY LIMITED and OVER-BURDENED prior to these community services closing. Multiple hospital and community supported outpatient services have been closed. Local inpatient psychiatric hospitals have recently changed to “private” and people are being placed in ER’s until they stabilize or get committed and transfer to state hospitals UPON bed availability, which at times can be more than a month. 

Our community will not function without the services of Gulf Coast Community Health, mentally ill patients will no longer have treatment to prevent crisis or hospitalization. This affects families, caregivers, law enforcement, the jail systems and the general public. 

Mental Illness is already stigmatized and considered a low priority, imagine what the community will be like without services that have the specialized training and compassion to care for this population. 

We can not just sit back and watch this happen to people in our community, they deserve care and support. They are our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends and neighbors. Please help bring attention and funding to how important these services are to our community. 








Gulf Coast Mental Health Commissioners:

Financial support is received through federal block grants, Medicaid reimbursement, the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, county taxes, contractual agreements, fees for services, and contributions, both direct and through the United Way.

Region XIII Commissioners

Harrison County
Laura Hasty
Email: lhasty@gcmhc.com

Hancock County
Candy Murphy
Email: cmurphy@gcmhc.com

Pearl River County
Bonnie Hodge
Email: bhodge@gcmhc.com

Stone County
Lynn Stokes
Email: lstokes@gcmhc.com

MS Attorney General's Office
P.O. Box 220
Jackson, MS 39205

Feel free to email your concerns to your county’s Gulf Coast Mental Health commissioner. 

MS Attorney General's Office
Walter Sillers Building
550 High Street, Suite 1200
Jackson, MS 39201
Telephone: 601-359-3680


Mississippi Department of Mental Health “DMH”
 1101 Robert E. Lee Building
239 N. Lamar Street • Jackson, MS 39201

PHONE: 601-359-1288 • FAX: 601-359-6295


Did you know AG Hood is involved in a lawsuit regarding the lack of mental health services? One that includes his demand for community services?

Do you know, due to closing Gulf Coast Community Health services, how many mentally ill people will be jailed for a lack of services and/or placement?

Did you know Gulf Coast Community Health provides therapists in the school systems for children in need?

Do you know how many people can DIE without these vital services?

Please help bring awareness to this community crisis, #mentalhealthmatters too!