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Take the TV programme 'naked attraction' off air, if only for the sake of young people

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The programme encourages the dehumanising approach society increasingly has towards others. Judging a human being in a glass box based on the appearance of their genitalia is not the message we should be giving to future generations. In particular universities already report increased psychological pressure on young people via social media about their physical appearance. Also an increase in sexual harassment of both sexes is reported, which is often linked to the attitudes fostered on social media which manifest themselves in real life, with bad consequences.

This TV programme reduces human beings to pieces of meat with no personality. It borders on the Nazi - naked human beings selected or rejected on the basis of an ideology around their appearance.  Nudity on TV is not new, perhaps not even wrong, but it is the way it is done that can be so damaging psychologically. It is morally, psychologically and socially unethical to add to mainstream viewing something that exploits and feeds upon the base instincts of human beings.

The programme should be removed as there is plenty of sensational, explicit and even vile material on the internet for people to seek out already. As a society we should despair that a major broadcaster such as channel 4 has brought this programme into our living rooms. Young people who are in the process of looking for a partner might think this base and dehumanising approach to dating is normal. Allowing this programme through dramatically lowers the standards in British television, and is a slippery slope we do not want to go down.

I wouldn't have my own son's watch this even as young adults and I wouldn't wish for the attitude it promotes in those who watch it, to be subjected on my boys in relationships, or on any other young girl or boy they meet in future. Would the producers be ok with that for their own children?

Its simple channel 4. Take the programme off air!

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