Refund of M66/Haslingden Bypass Road Traffic Offences

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The End of the M66 Motorway that is the A56 Haslingden Bypass has a History of problems in its past & planning and is associated with the M62 junction 12/13 disaster design..

Litigation needs to be brought against the Highways agency, local authority Rossendale council and the Police for multiple accidents on the unsigned not lawful road and illegal speeding convictions. Where the insurance policy is void due to non compliance with Traffic signs manual and TSRGD requirements.

The Legally required end of motorway road signage has been incorrect for many. many years and there is over a entore mile of non present speed limit signage on the lit carriageway which it required to be in place. The 50mph Terminal speed limit signs which this illegally signed misleading section runs into are also not large enough and are not legal. This set-up combined with non regulation police parking platforms is a designed and planned speed entrapment site to mislead drivers. Besides police patrol bikes & cars operating on the road, it had been the site in recent years of a mobile police safety camera van. This van has failed to carry out correct road signage checks and assess the safety of nearby crossing. I also propose that a foot bridge be built across the road to replace the crossing. Drivers have been prosecuted and convicted illegally on the road and the fines should be refunded along with the Penalty points being removed from driving licences. Litigation should be brought against Lancashire Police, Rossendale Council and the Highways agency/Department of Transport for multiple accidents that have occured on the unsigned road because the insurance for the road will be void if it has not complied with TSRGD and the updated Traffic signs manuals. I believe that the road has been set up with the signage incorrect on purpose. I also believe that the 50mph speed limit, for that road profile is inconsistent with the speed limit on other similar roads across the united kingdom. Thus is misleading to migrating drivers working across & around the UK. Please see my information & own investigations > see the police speeding video sample Evaluation, investigation and assessment of road

Haslingden bypass police sample video