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Bring Nuclear Energy To New Zealand

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Nuclear energy is without a doubt the energy of the future. It is highly efficient and 100% of the waste produced by it can be controlled and managed. As well as this nuclear energy is still a developing technology there are new innovations everyday greatly improving things like efficiency and stability of the resource. Nuclear resources such as uranium replenish in the earth's crust as convection causes new deposits as rock and lava circulates making it a sustainable source of energy.

Nuclear compared to other energy sources:

Fossil fuels detrimental to environment as produces greenhouse gases and waste methane.

Solar requires the use of scarce rare earth metals which degrade over time making the solar panels less efficient i.e they don’t last forever, resources are scarce and expensive to produce.

Wind power accounts for a lot of bird deaths.  

Methane produces less emissions than fossil fuels and is constantly being produced by decaying matter making it sustainable. Some buses run on it but it still produces emissions.

Why People Dislike It:

The two main delusions that people believe which is halting the progression of nuclear technology is that 1: Its unstable,dangerous and prone to accidents which cause large scale destruction 2: It releases radioactive waste into the environment. Both of these beliefs are untrue and this is why, Firstly there are occasional incidents with nuclear power plants but all of these would’ve been easily preventable or were due to lack of safety precautions that would never have happened today as well as this overall nuclear energy has far less deaths than say the more popular coal energy, Forbes calculated that 4900 deaths so far have been due to nuclear energy but if we relied on coal energy instead it would result in 1.84 million deaths. Secondly not many know that the main advantage of nuclear energy is that all waste produced can be regulated or controlled it can either be reused for more energy or safely deposited back into the earth


Solar and wind energy rely on different weather conditions but with nuclear power there is no constraints and can run through any climate condition.



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