Stop & Throw: Bins under the Light

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Today, we are currently facing a problem in our surrounding which is called Global Warming, results when the atmosphere traps heating radiating the Earth towards space (NASA, n.d).

Trash bins along sidewalks or streets are essential to people's health and function of the city. If the presence of trash bins are present, pedestrians would be discouraged to litter and result to a more healthier and pleasant environment. Moreover, trashes will no longer be floating in oceans that could greatly affect the habitats of living animals. 

Stop & Throw is a petition in which trash bins would be placed per stoplight so that people would not bother throwing their trashes away in the sidewalks or streets. 

This is to awaken the society with the problem happening around us; thus, raising awareness on garbage situation and challenges in the country.

Your sign, could help change the world. Thank you!