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Stop animal cruelty in Bali

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I have recently had the experience of visiting Turtle Island, Tanjung Benoa, where I experienced terrible animal cruelty.

Both myself and other members of our group were very distressed by the cruelty we witnessed there. The turtles were kept in small concrete enclosures, and lifted by tourists for photos. These turtles were clearly distressed and the more they became distressed the funnier the tourists thought they were. They were tossed around from one person to the next like they were toys. The larger enclosure, was clearly overcrowded and did not have enough water. Children were allowed to throw sand at the turtles heads and when they picked them up and found them too heavy, they simply dropped them.

There were snakes there, with their mouths taped shut with clear tape, and they were very lethargic, just hanging off the people they were placed on for a photo, very unlike any other snake I have seen who wrap themselves around you and investigate their surroundings.

There were bats there, taken from their inadequate concrete cages in the middle of the day, and shaken by their handlers to spread their wings for photos, passed from one tourist to the next.

A monkey was there, sitting in a small concrete cage, with no comfort or proper shelter, and no where to hide from the tourists who poked at him and rattled his cage.

There was a cockatoo there in a concrete cage with a mural painted on the back wall, I can only assume was meant to be an Australian background, but could not be seen due to the amount of excrement on the wall where the bird sits all day to see out of his cage. 

The rest of my group tells me there were other animals there in similar cramped concrete enclosures, but I was too distressed to see any more. I have reviewed this place on TripAdvisor only to find 633 reviews with the same opinions as mine dating back to 2010!!

I have attempted to contact the Minister for Marine and Fisheries in Indonesia, but she has yet to reply to numerous messages. I have also emailed local and international organizations, and although every one is aware this place exists, I am being told little can be done! These beautiful turtles, along with the other captive animals need our help, they cant just be forgotten because its too hard. 

Sign the petition to help these poor animals get the attention they deserve and be free from their life of misery as tourist attractions! 


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