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Animal Cruelty at Zoos & Circuses

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    Hi, My name is Meghana  and  I am a 6th grade student at the Canadian International School in Singapore. My group mates and I are doing a project on animal cruelty and we want to raise awareness on Animal Cruelty. We started this petition for that purpose. My group consists of 3 members from  my grade, Fairy, Hitotsu, and Eunwoo.

     Most zoos and circuses treat animals very badly. They make the animals fear their trainers so they will do what the trainers want them to do. Most of the time trainers use whips to hit the animals if they don't do what the trainers want them to do. Bull-hooks are also used on animals, but most of the time they are used on elephants. They also use electric pods.  The animals are also kept in cages or small enclosures. They are also kept in isolation. The cages they are kept in don't let them roam freely like they do when they are in the wild. The zoos also do something called surplus of animals. Surplus of animals is when the zookeepers make the animals breed. If they to many of one animals species they will either take the newborns and sell them to other zoos and circuses or throw them on the streets. 

      There are many reasons why people engage in animal cruelty. If people are mad at someone and they know they can not hit him/her they will take it out on their pet or animals because the animals can not fight back. This happens mostly to teenagers. There are people called hoarders. Hoarders take in all the animals they find but they can not afford to pay for all the animals. Another reason why people do animal cruelty is because they enjoy watching the animal in pain. 

      We really hope that animal cruelty will reduce over the years and that you have gained some knowledge about animal cruelty at zoos. We are not trying to stop you from going to zoos, but next time you do go you should think about how the animals are being treated there. 


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