Rehire Emma (Tenille Dashwood)

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Tenille Dashwood, better known under her WWE persona Emma is a professional wrestler that was released from the sports entertainment company on July 2, 2014 following an incident in Hartford, CT where she allegedly shoplifted an iPad case. It was later reported that the situation was a misunderstanding in which she simply forgot to scan the item while using the self check-out, a mistake that ordinary people make all the time. 

Emma is an incredible gifted in-ring performer and entertainer. More importantly, she is extremely passionate about the business and was living her lifelong dream by competing as a WWE diva (see this video). By firing her over sixth degree larceny, a crime in which the offender is fined a maximum of $250, the WWE is committing an injustice to her, especially if this whole thing is indeed a misunderstanding. Moreover, the WWE has retained employees caught with drugs (Jack Swagger) and convicted of DUIs (Ariane Andrew). If employees can retain their jobs after crimes like these, why is Emma being fired over an iPad case that she didn't even intend to steal? 

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