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make WWE good again

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since wwe went pg at the end of 2008, it got bad. Boring sloppy matches, terrible writing, bad booking, bad promos, bad wrestlers, bad fanbase, lazy stage design, bad ideas and they never listen to the fans. wwe has gone downhill. we told them going pg is a bad idea and they ignored our pleas. well no more. wwe has to let our voices be heard. its time to make wwe good again and save wrestling and sports entertainment from being dead. here are our demands.

1.remove the pg rating and make wwe either tv ma or tv 14.

2.end the women's revolution because its awful. 

3.bring back bra and panties, first blood, parking lot brawl, backstage brawl, 3 stages of hell, hardcore matches, and bikini contests.

4.have the cruiserweights face normal wrestlers instead of just each other. 

5.hiring only good wrestlers. the women divas again because they don't deserve the name superstar.

7.get better writers.

8.make raw 2 hours again. 

9.bring back talking smack

10.make every ppv stage look different. no more copy and paste nonsense. 

11.let wrestlers do head chairshots again. but this time with fake chairs.

12.bring back the old wwe intro or make a better one.

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