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Get JBL out of the WWE

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I have never made a petition before, so if I do something very wrong, I apologize, but I feel that this message needs to be heard. Here is the short version of the petition: if you know what is happening and the recent events surrounding JBL, you can go ahead and make your own judgement to sign or not sign, and look at my opinion in the last paragraph. If you aren't, allow me to explain.

Bullying has been a part of wrestling possibly since it began. It is tradition that guys who have been in the company for longer have performed hazing acts on guys who have not been in the company for nearly as long. While this is not something that I personally agree with, it has been in the company for the longest of time and it has not caused the demise of wrestling. That being said, WWE is not what you call a "friendly working environment." There have been a multitude of guys who were practically famous for hazing. A few that come to mind are Bob Holly, Triple H, and even the boss himself, Vince McMahon, has had his few shares of rumors of hazing slapped upon him. However, there may not be as many Bullies quite as famous as John Bradshaw Layfield, Bradshaw, Blackjack Bradshaw JBL.

JBL started wrestling in the year of 1992, and it did not take him all that long to get noticed by WWE, perhaps because of his size. However, once he was in the company, it was not an easy task to get on top. He went through many gimmicks and some hard times as "Blackjack Bradshaw", a character which never quite hit its stride. However, after a very successful tag team run with Ron Simmons as Bradshaw, dubbing themselves the APA, where he won the tag titles 3 times, things were looking up for JBL. After their second breakup in 2004, he bolted up the card as his newest character, JBL, which drew some of the most negative reactions on Smackdown. This character was enough for him to get to the top of smackdown and earn the WWE title. All of this took him twelve years, and props to him, he earned it. He worked hard and payed his dues as a WRESTLER. He went on to win the US and Intercontinental titles before retiring for good in 2009. All of this happened in the span of 17 years, which is a great accomplishment. Although he is respected as a WRESTLER, he is perhaps one of the most hated out there as a PERSON.

JBL is the most notorious bully in all of sports entertainment. He has (allegedly) done the following things: Stolen ring announcer Justin Roberts' passport before traveling, making fun of people's sexualities and encouraging others to do the same, soaping up other wrestlers and caressing their bodies while they were in the shower, throwing wrestler's bags out of the locker room and out on the streets, and constantly degraded others for no apparent reason. There is more but that is just to give you an idea of the kind of person he really is. This behavior was at its peak during his 2004 run as WWE Champion. We can assume that this is because he was a very constant participant in hazing people who were lesser in power than him. Since he was champion, there was arguably nobody who had more power than he did, hence the reason he was able to pull off all of these acts.

There are many questions revolving around the reasons why he has yet to be fired since WWE is constantly preaching and promoting the anti-bullying campaign "BA Star." There have been many signs that point to the campaign being a way for WWE to get "good press", as there is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that Vince McMahon is one of the biggest bullies out there. Not only is Vince McMahon potentially bully, but as pointed to by the popular YouTube channel What Culture in their videos about Vince McMahon, there are a lot of times when he is shown as someone who enjoys displaying power over others who cannot defend against him. JBL is infamous for potentially doing the exact same things. I will let you be the ones making the conclusions.

JBL returned as a full time WWE commentator in the year of 2012, and it is also where he is today. Throughout this time, (despite minor outcries) the problems backstage with JBL have been few and far between that I am aware of. This brings us to the year of 2016, when a new announcer debuted on an episode of Smackdown on January 7 of the aforementioned year with the name Mauro Ranallo. And immediately, Ranallo became a favorite among the fans. His passion, the intensity in his voice, and his knowledge for pro wrestling resonated with audiences across the nation. When the brand split came in July, Ranallo was partnered with JBL and David Otunga on Smackdown (rebranded as Smackdown Live). Ranallo, for all intents and purposes, was meant to be the star of the commentary team, and it showed on television, with the voice of Smackdown Live leading the show to some amazing television. At one point, in December 2016, Smackdown beat the Monday night show, Raw, in viewership, which had not happened in around ten years. As mentioned on Bring It To The Table (WWE Network show), Mauro Ranallo took home Commentator of the Year award from the Wrestling Observer for his outstanding performances on Smackdown Live. However, somebody on the Bring It To the Table panel did not take too kindly to this. I think you can guess his name.

JBL was not even in the top ten for that list of the best commentators in sports entertainment. Perhaps due to jealousy, JBL tore into Ranallo, mocking his voice and his style of commentary. Later, on an episode of Smackdown Live in March, Mauro Ranallo was not able to make it to the episode. The explanation for this was because he was stuck in a nor'easter. This was plausible, however, things became more phishy the next week when he was again not in the booth and the only explanation given was that he was sick. He was not there the next week, nor was he at the biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania. This situation only escalated when Mauro took all mentions of WWE out of his twitter bio. Where did Mauro go? Well, as reported yesterday by the Wrestling Observer and publicized by Wrestletalk TV, Mauro was potentially done with WWE, and the reason was that his depression was made severe by none other than John Bradshaw Layfield, and his attitude backstage and on camera. JBL potentially used Mauro Ranallo's depression as a way to get him out of WWE, for possibly no other reason than because he was jealous of him. I don't know what else to say.

JBL has been a problem backstage for ages. He is one of the most well known people for bullying backstage and taking advantage of others. This has been a problem for far too long without anyone taking action on it. It is not fair that a guy's dream was taken away from him because of JBL's potentially taking advantage of his mental health. And besides this, we are going to be looking at JBL's face this coming Tuesday, not Mauro's. He has done many bad things and should have never been welcomed back, but he just wasted his final chance. Sign to show that we stand with Mauro, and we stand against JBL.

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