An Elias shindig/signing/meet & greet/concert prior to WWE SSD

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On behalf of ALL members of the Melbourne folk here down-under (even the ones misguided by half-witted fools such as Bob and John) I formally request, in writing, that WWE allows their most a) talented b) gifted c) artistic d) skillful Superstar be given the a) opportunity b) stage c) chance to bless the wwe universe here in Melbourne with his a) presence b) voice c) god-like given abilities with an a) concert b) signing c) meet and greet d) shindig prior to WWE Super Show Down.

We look forward to Elias and Kevin Owens besting Bob and Big Match John but, even though we dont deserve it, we would be appreciative, blessed and grateful to be in the presence of Elias prior. I, personally, have re-evaluated all life choices such as why I grew up in such an ill-advised and poor town since allowing Elias' music and words to fill my soul and I wish to personally thank him for his guidance in allowing me to come to terms that I indeed come from a disgraceful place. 

Do we deserve this? No, but would we appreciate this? Absolutely.