"Honor Our WWII Merchant Mariners Act” --Pass HR-563 out of committee and to a floor vote

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Personal note from Debbie Rogow & Patti Scafidi

Dear Friends, We're writing because you responded to our request to sign a petition in support of a pension for the Merchant Marine WW2 Vets. MOST OF YOU SIGNED THIS A FEW YEARS AGO --the last time Congress considered the bill. If you are one of the people who signed back then, we NEED YOU to go onto our new, similar petition and re-sign NOW (sorry, it may not hyperlink): https://www.change.org/p/ww2-merchant-marine-vets-have-been-waiting-60-yrs-for-veterans-benefits If you add even a three-word personal note, your letter will go out individually, rather than clustered with 50 other signatures in one email. IF YOU SIGNED WITHIN THE PAST MONTH, YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-SIGN. You can delete this note, apologies. And thank you for your support. We're picking up co-sponsors every day! Best wishes, Debbie Rogow and Patti Scafidi

Deborah Rogow
6 years ago