WW-P Schools to go Fully Virtual for 2 weeks

WW-P Schools to go Fully Virtual for 2 weeks

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Started by Rohan Ramapatel

Over the course of the past two weeks, students and parents have seen COVID cases rapidly increase. To prevent this we have watched as school districts all across NJ have made the correct decision to go fully virtual for weeks...except WW-P. Instead, we receive a hybrid schedule, one that puts both students and teachers at high risk. This risk has the potential for severe consequences, and for many people who have vulnerable families at home, it could be potentially life-threatening. According to ABC 7 news, Governor Murphy said that its “it is ultimately up to the state's more than 600 school districts "to make the right decision on the ground, depending on what they are facing."

Virtual learning for the district for a minimum of 10 days (2 weeks) in accordance with the CDC guidelines would be advisable as people have been traveling and visiting family over the holidays. It’s everyone’s responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID in order to protect the community.

Here are some updated covid statistics-
Mercer: 7 day average of 844 cases/day (New York Times)
Middlesex: 7 day average of 2197 cases/day (New York Times)

We hope that this reaches the WW-P Board so we can see this much needed change. 


2,014 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!