Bring Our Babies Home! Help Us Stop CPS Abusing Authority!

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Approximately 2 months ago my Niece & Nephews were placed in my Mother & Fathers care, their Grandparents, by Wyoming County Child Protective Services. For the 2 months that my parents had them, they thrived. Each of the children excelled in different ways, from grades going up, to sports, to simple things (or not so simple depending who you ask) like potty training. They were loved, healthy, happy, and content.

On Thursday, February 21st 2018, Child Protective Services showed up at my parents house and traumatically removed the children from their care. They did not give a reason for doing so, they did not bring car seats with them to take the kids, and they were 100% unprofessional using foul language, and causing a scene in front of the children. They brought no paperwork with them, they did not inform any of the lawyers involved with the original case (not against my parents of course, but we were told by the Governors office that by law they had to notify their parents that they were removing them from my parents care) My parents had or thought they had no choice since they did bring a state trooper with them, but to let the children go even though it has destroyed not only my parents, but the children also. They did not seek other family members out for placement, as we were told should have been the first step. These children are 7, 5, & 2 and have never in their lives been separated until now. Wyoming County Child Protective Services felt it okay to separate the 7 year old from the other 2 children.

On Friday, February 22nd 2018, we contacted the WV Governors office and were informed of the many rules and laws that were broken in this situation. The Governors office agreed to help us, and started their paperwork immediately. Following so, we reached out to social media for more help, and the Governors office received over 200 phone calls in 1 day pertaining to our family. We attempted to speak to Child Protective Services again on Monday, February 25th 2018 and they refused to speak to us, or give us reasoning for why they were doing what they were doing to my family, especially these precious babies.

We have hired a lawyer, and we are not going to stop until something is done. Since reaching out to social media, I have personally received well over 78 messages regarding people who state that Wyoming County Child Protective Services have in some way abused their authority in their families as well. We all know that in all cases that's probably not true, but I can promise you for this one and MANY MORE IT IS.

My parents are amazing people, they do not do drugs, they have no criminal history, my Mother is a God fearing woman, who is at church every time the doors are open. Anyone who knows my parents KNOWS they would do anything for anyone.

We personally feel like this was a personal vendetta, on a personal level, because of some past involvement the children's Mother has had with Child Protective Services 10 years ago. However, that should not affect how my parents care for these children now. So once again we reach out to social media and the public for help. We have reached out to have this case as well as the Wyoming County Child Protective Services investigated for their wrong doings in this case, but any and all help will help speed that process up. We just want our BABIES HOME! Where they belong, with family.

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