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Our family has been victimized by the West Virginia CPS. In September of 2010 the CPS took my niece and 5 nephews from my sister and placed them into my mother's care. They later came and took the children with no papers and no excuse; but they had the police there threatening to take us to jail. They said my mother had an open CPS case from 27 years previous to this incident, yet their were no documents to prove it. Still to this day, Jan. 23, 2012 they have yet to find any documentation to my mother's case..... BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ONE! My world has been shattered because the CPS legally kidnapped the children that I've helped raise my entire life! The CPS has completely stopped all visitation and any phone calls between the family and the kids. They've also made many false reports about our family, tampered with evidence, falsified documents, and denied us of entering the court room to defend ourselves! Not only is our name getting ruined, but our lives and the lives of those children have been terribly changed because of the lies of the CPS. The children have been moved from foster care to foster care and finally have been split up. The first foster care they were in they were being abused and one of my nephews was cut with a broken beer bottle. The last were heard before they stopped all visitations were allegations of my niece being raped. Please help stop the lies and false reports and help CPS get investigated to do THEIR REAL JOB! I fear that my niece and nephews were taken from a loving grandmother, aunt, and uncle, and were placed with harmful strangers!!


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My niece and 5 nephews have been taken away by WV CPS from my mother with no legal documentation stating so. They have been in foster care since September of 2010 and are soon going to be adopted out! I must spread my word as fast as possible to reach out to someone who can help! I have everything I need to prove that the CPS was wrong and LEGALLY kidnapped my niece and nephews, I just need to reach out to the right person and get help. Please forward this email as far as you can. I need all the support I can receive!

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